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My decision to become a licensed mental health counselor was solidified with a commitment to helping a family member suffering from caregivers stress. Helping others experiencing distress through emotional support is important to me. My passion for helping others includes offering boutique counseling services which means a smaller caseload allowing for personalized services for treatment. At Calm Waters Mental Health Counseling PC, as a sole practitioner, I walk along side you on your journey. In life we face difficult times which can feel like rough storm waters. My goal in working with you is to help you discover skills to not only help in difficult times, but to keep you steady when the waters are calm. 

My involvement as an adoptee coach comes from personal experience being adopted at three months old after being in the foster care system. In reunion with first family since 2017, I continue to help other adoptees navigate complexities of identity, search, reunion and loss stemming from the trauma of separation from first family. 


I am a provider of tele-mental health (video and telephone) services using the HIPPA compliant platform, Therapy Notes. I service clients within New York State and have been providing solely telehealth since February 2020. Prior to that, I worked as a psychotherapist at a large private practice group in Nassau County, and as a recovery coach at a mental health agency in Suffolk County. I invite you to browse my page and see if you believe my areas of specialty match your needs.  I offer a free 10 minute phone consultations.  

My Story

Becoming a New York State Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Professional Clinical Trauma Professional (Level 2) , Compassion Fatigue Professional (CCFP) and adoptee coach all stem from personal experience. My interest in helping offers when they are suffering started at an early age with the values instilled in my at school and home through service projects and volunteering. Although I originally believed I would study nursing after volunteering throughout high school as a candy striper, I attended college for two years and earned an Associates degree before transferring to Adelphi University to earn a Bachelor's degree to study Business Management. For years, I worked in the insurance industry with professional companies and individuals who suffered fire, theft and catastrophic losses as a claims adjuster. Returning to pursue my Master of Science Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling came from wanting to help others on a more intimate level. Pursuing higher education as an adult was fulfilling and my corporate background has helped me work with people from all careers and walks of life. My ability to connect with people and provide a safe space to identify areas of difficulty is for him or her to share what is something I value. It  takes courage to recognize a problem and then ask for help and support. 

Continuing to learn and add to my skill set enables me to focus on trauma and grief/loss specialities. However, I also work with issues such as depression, anxiety, interpersonal difficulties and stress management. My work as a therapist is interesting and satisfaction comes from seeing the changes that people make to reduce/alleviate distress. 

In 2017 I reunited with my first family and learned my heritage of my birth parents which coincidentally is similar to my family growing up. Building new relationships (post reunion) has had challenges but reaching out for support from the adoptee community has been very helpful. I offer a unique lens into family dynamics and integrating all the members of the adoption triad into my life. In September 2021 I decided I wanted to do more to help others adoptees and I am co-faciliator of the Long Island group of Adoptees Connect, a peer-led support group with locations all over the United States and internationally.


Let's connect and see if I can help you navigate the difficult storms you are experiencing. 



Calm Waters Mental Health Counseling, PC

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