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Ann Marie Morello, LMHC

Adoptee Competent Therapist

Tele-health Counseling services for adults 18+ located anywhere in New York State. 


My name is Ann Marie Morello

I am an adoptee in reunion with first family who truly understands what you are going through. I can compassionately walk along side you in our therapeutic work together to help foster healing, growth, and self-discovery. 


About Me

Calm Water Mental Health Counseling PC established in 2018 was born from a desire to create a niche counseling practice focusing on therapy services for adult adoptees. My specialty of working with adoptees comes from understanding the trauma/separation from first family (family of origin) as an adoptee myself. In reunion with first family provides me with a unique lens of the complexities of identity, search/reunion, loss, trauma responses. 


Whether you are just "coming out of the fog", or need assistance with navigating adoptee consciousness, new relationships from reunion, handling the pain of estrangement or other trauma-related experiences, I can help you gain clarity.  Choosing a therapist is like choosing a life partner, trust and a good fit is an essential combination for a successful therapeutic relationship. 

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License, Education, Certifications

  • University of the State of New York Education Department, Mental Health Counselor 

  • License No: 0080601-01 Next Registration: 09/30/2025

  • Master of Science, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Long Island University 05/15/2015

  • Bachelor of Business Administration Management, Adelphi University 05/31/1992

  • Certified EMDR Clinician Evergreen Certification #702103 Exp 10/19/2024

  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Level 2 Evergreen Certification #719103 Exp. 03/26/2025

  • Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional

  • Evergreen Certification #779082 Exp. 10/02/2024


Adoptee competent counseling 

Attachment Difficulties

Adoptees often struggle in relationships. Have you feared abandonment? Pushed others away? Learn about your attachment style and how to overcome the urge to detach rather than get hurt. 

Search & Reunion

Whether you are searching for first family, or discovered you are adopted (late discovery adoptee), complexities of search and reunion can be overwhelming. Speaking with a professional who understands can help you navigate the uncertainty.

Navigating New Relationships

After the euphoria of reunion wears off, relationships get real! Expectations, developing healthy boundaries are essential. Perhaps things were great and now it feels distant, or first family has severed contact. I can help you process the grief associated with secondary rejection/abandonment.


445 Lincoln Blvd

Hauppauge, NY 11788





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Ann Marie has been a blessing in my life. She is very easy to talk to and I feel like I can speak with her about anything. She has helped me tremendously in healing from my adoption traumas.
Santino F, Long Island, NY 

Santino F, Long Island, NY

Ann Marie recognized that I needed a particular kind of support at the beginning of my LDA journey. She helped me immensely with issues and feelings only other adoptees can understand.
Jen S, Long Island, NY 

Jen S, Long Island, NY


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